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Yash Chaurasia

Senior-level leadstreet marketing expert obsessed about marketing's user experience and micro-ROI throughout the customer journey. Loves working with SaaS products and solve for user acquisition, product adoption, engagement, and churn.


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How to Create a High-Clarity, High-Converting Homepage

Geschreven door Yash Chaurasia op 19 april 2018

Let's have a reality check … The number of people who wake up each day with the intent of browsing-through your website is zero. Exactly Zero. Unless they are already your (loyal) customers, they go on and type-in what they need. 

So what does this mean for your homepage? How do you wrap your head around your first page and build a high-clarity, high-conversion homepage?

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Categorie: Webdesign, Landingspagina

Strategic Guide to Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Geschreven door Yash Chaurasia op 15 maart 2018

Today’s conventional marketing logic is to cast a wide net across message and channel. The aim to get as many leads into the top of funnel as possible – be it through gated content or webinars or through outbound, and then keep emailing them down with content until only those who want to buy are left.

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